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Serving Her - Added 20/05/2019
Oh my Mistress Jane, how I adore you. This isn't the first time I've had the pleasure of her... pleasure, and it certainly won't be the last. The way she teased and punished my pert arse with that cane and paddle of hers drove me absolutely wild. She got my pussy so wet that I couldn't control myself. My panties were soaking wet through as she continued to dominate me...... view the full set
Show Off Gets Fucked - Added 13/05/2019
What was I to do? She was just on my bed, wiggling her arse and checking out her pussy in the mirror. I couldn't just sit back and let her have all the fun! I quietly slipped into my strapon cock and let her know what happens to girls that show off!... view the full set
My Red Tutu - Added 06/05/2019
I simply adore my ballet tutu's and this red number I'd have to say is my favourite of them all. The contrast with the black nylon stockings and my milky white skin is simply stunning and it always gets me feeling like I want to dance again, exploring my body as I do so... ... view the full set
Mature Lessons - Added 29/04/2019
When it comes to eating pussy, I like to think I know a fair few tricks, but I'm always looking to learn a few new ones. This mature beauty certainly had a few lessons for me though, ones that I just loved to learn!... view the full set
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