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Perfect In Pantyhose - Added 31/07/2023
They say you're supposed to think outside the box, but wouldn't you like me to be your sex doll just waiting for you at the foot of your bed. Don't worry, my supple body can get me in all sorts of positions, so whenever you need me, just let me out and use me for your desires. When you're finished I'll return to my box like a good little subserviant... ... view the full set
My Red Tutu - Added 17/07/2023
I simply adore my ballet tutu's and this red number I'd have to say is my favourite of them all. The contrast with the black nylon stockings and my milky white skin is simply stunning and it always gets me feeling like I want to dance again, exploring my body as I do so... ... view the full set
A Good Caning - Added 10/07/2023
Theres a few things that are almost always certain to get me feeling horny and a set of nylon stockings and a hard cane across my bottom are certainly a couple of them. I play the submissive role oh so well because I simply enjoy it so much. Having my panties pulled down and my arse caned until it is rosie and red... mmmmm...... view the full set
She's In Charge - Added 03/07/2023
I'm certainly not a stranger to being bent over and fucked, but this domme does things to me that no one else has so far. She really knew all my buttons and just how to press them, you can see how much I like what she does to me by how wet I get!... view the full set
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